Woodbridge flowers, Woodbridge florists, Woodbridge Ontario flower delivery We Deliver on Sunday Dec 23, 24 and Christmas Day Dec 25.

Prestige Flowers is an award winning local florist in Woodbridge, Ontario. We only use fresh, high quality flowers. We deliver in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Maple, Richmond Hill, Concord, King City, Aurora and surrounding areas.

Christmas Flowers, Center Pieces, Budget Flowers

Christmas Candle

Classic Centerpiece
$75 CAD

Christmas Greetings

Door Wreath
$99 CAD

Classic Red Roses

12, 24 or 36 Roses to Wow
$75 CAD

Fireside Glow

gorgeous floral arrangement
$65 CAD

Large Red Poinsettia

Holidays Classic
$49 CAD

Mulled Wine Flowers

rich and impressive
$75 CAD


Beautiful Box
$75 CAD

Passionate Embrace Deluxe

Dozen Red and more
$95 CAD

Red and Gold

Table Arrangement
$85 CAD

Sweet Christmas

Festive table center
$59 CAD

Sweet Thoughts

A bouquet of Six roses
$49 CAD

Tropical Flowers & Fruit Basket

Exotic flowers, delicious fruits
$125 CAD

Trust your Prestige to Prestige Flowers.  We have a great variety of fresh, premium quality flowers in our cooler.  Our designers are talented and award winning.

We also deliver to the following facilities
Alert Care CorpAmica At Villa Da Vinci
Brookside Retirement HomeDeMarco Funeral Visitation
Dinardo Funeral HomeElgin Manor
Elginwood Long Term CareFratelli Vescio Funeral Home
King City Lodge Nursing HomeKristus Darzs Latvian Home
Mariann HomeMarshall Funeral Home Ltd
Pine Grove LodgeScott Funeral Home
Sixteenth Avenue PlaceSt Peter's Senior's Residences
Sunrise Assisted LivingVilla Giardino Homes Ltd
Ward Damiani Funeral Home LtdYork Central Hospital

Daily Deliveries to Zip codes:

L7B 1J2, L4C 1X4, L4H 2P9, L4E 4Z3, L4B 3R8, L4L 2Y6, L6A 1C3, L4L 2T9, L4L 2E8, L4H 1B3, L4H 1G5, L4L 3L1, L4L 6K5, L4B 1P1, L4H 2J4, L4C 3N6, L4H 0R3, L4E 4E9, L4L 8B3, L6A 1V7, L4E 0B8, L4C 8M1, L7B 1H8, L4L 7Z7, L4C 3M2, L4L 0E1, L4B 2J5, L4B 1G5, L4E 2R8, L4L 2E1, L4L 1L7, L4C 0R4, L4C 9A4, L4L 1H8, L4C 2T9, L4L 9B9, L4E 3E9, L4L 9P9, L4C 8N7, L6A 3V3, L6A 1N9, L4S 1Z1, L7B 1A9, L4L 5V8, L6A 4N9, L6A 3G4, L4S 1J3, L4L 8S8, L6A 0H1, L4L 2T8, L4C 7V4, L4C 0W2, L4H 0X6, L4E 4B7, L4C 0C6, L4C 9R5, L4C 4T7, L6A 2N5, L6A 4A6, L4E 0L6, L4H 1A1, L4H 1G3, L4S 1G4, L4C 8G1, L4C 2V9, L4C 0M7, L4E 0K7, L6A 2S7, L4C 0M8, L4B 3K9, L4L 1J3, L4C 0P3, L4B 4P9, L4S 2K3, L4E 5B3, L4S 1J9, L4L 1L3, L4E 3J8, L4H 3P2, L4H 0V3, L4C 7X1, L4E 3Z8, L4H 1G2, L4L 7M6, L7B 1L8, L4L 6H7, L4E 0B1, L4H 3B3, L4C 8P6, L4L 6A3, L6A 1T7, L4S 1J1, L4B 4P8, L4E 0R7, L4B 4H5, L4L 7T3, L4C 7W1, L4L 6A9, L4L 2M7, L4C 9X4