Express Love, Friendship, Respect
There's no better gift for expressing your love than sending a bouquet of roses. Nothing else is nearly as romantic. Red roses represent love and passion; pink stands for romance and femininity; yellow roses express friendship and joy; white roses signify purity and respect; and orange roses, warmth and happiness.

Classic Red Roses

12, 24 or 36 Roses to Wow
$85 CAD

Classy Dozen Roses

Yellow roses, tall vase
$75 CAD


Nostalgia bouquet
$88 CAD


Charismatic and striking
$88 CAD

True Love

5 dozen roses to impress
$425 CAD

Grace in White

Fresh White Flowers
$85 CAD

Modern 12 Yellow Roses

Roses in a square box
$75 CAD

Just for Her

24 in vase, made to impress
$185 CAD

A Box of Love

Soft and Pastel
$85 CAD

Blue Roses

Unique and Sophisticated
$95 CAD

Splash of Colours

Stunning and Classy
$125 CAD

Sweet Pink

Gorgeous basket arrangement
$99 CAD

Amellia - 36 Roses

Show your true Love
$299 CAD

Dramatic and Popular

Always a Popular Choice
$95 CAD

Passionate Embrace Deluxe

Dozen Red and more
$95 CAD

Traditional Basket

Beautiful and classical
$135 CAD

A Touch of Class

White roses in vase
$85 CAD