flower shoppers on a budget
Budget flowers are competitively priced for discriminating flower shoppers on a budget. These beautiful flowers are carefully designed to suit most occasions or sentiments. It's okay to feel good about cheap flowers when they're this pretty.

Pink Orchid

Too striking to ignore
$75 CAD

White Satin

Casablanca lilies, gypsophilia
$59 CAD

White Beauty

Striking Chrysanthemums
$39 CAD


Nostalgia bouquet
$88 CAD

Budget Sunshine

Just Right for Budget
$45 CAD

Peace Lily

Peace and harmony
$65 CAD

Classy Dozen Roses

Yellow roses, tall vase
$75 CAD

Everyday's Favourites

Rays of Joy
$65 CAD

Cute Teddy

Bright flowers with Teddy
$65 CAD

Classic Red Roses

12, 24 or 36 Roses to Wow
$75 CAD


Charismatic and striking
$88 CAD

A Touch of Class

White roses in vase
$85 CAD

Cymbidium Orchid Pot

Beautifully simple and stylish
$65 CAD